Frequently Asked Questions

The Prize Draw:

Q: What is a destination wedding

A: It is, simply put a wedding that is away from the place you live. Read more on our blog about everything destination wedding.

Q: How do I pick my wedding date

A: At the time of buying your ticket you will be asked to provide your preferred wedding date. Once we pick a winner and confirm with the resort that your date is available, we will contact you to let you know, and the planning can begin.

Q: Can I have more than 40 people at my wedding?

A: The answer to the questions simply depends on the venue for the prize draw, this will be stated on the features page. If the venue can indeed accommodate more people then you are welcome to have a larger wedding, however this will be at your own cost as the prize draw will only cover 40 people.

Q: Is it really only £10 for the entire wedding

A: Yes. The prize package will cost you only £10. However, if you wish to add more to your package or include extras, for example a bigger cake, on your special day this will be at an extra cost not covered by the package.

Q: How do you pay for the wedding?

A: The wedding costs are paid for from all the tickets sold, a portion will be given to charity as well as cover costs for running the competition. More on this on our terms and conditions page.

How does it work?

Q: How do I enter? What’s the process?

A: It’s super easy to enter, simply follow the steps on our “how it works” page.

Q: When I enter, will you send me a receipt?

A: Once you’ve completed the game, we will automatically email you your entry receipt. This will hold all of the information about your entry, including your ticket number. Sometimes, the receipt finds its way into some junk or spam folders, so if you’ve not received yours, please do check there. But not to worry, you can also view your entry details through your account in your orders.

Q: How will I be contacted?

A: After the prize draw, you will be contacted with the details you have provided to us at the time you bought your tickets. You will have 7 days to claim your prize. In the event that we have not heard from you we will offer the prize to a runner up.


Q: Is this competition considered gambling

A: Simple answer is no. The UK Gambling Commission does not regulate Prize draws. “Prize competitions can be organised commercially for private benefit and profit. This contrasts with lotteries, which can only be run for good causes. Unlike a lottery where the outcome depends on chance, the outcome of a genuine prize competition must depend on the exercise of skill, knowledge, or judgment by the participant”. More information on the website


Q: How secure is the Win Your Dream Wedding payment process?

A: We’ve partnered with, to provide a first-rate, safe and secure payment processes. When you enter your card details into the payment processor, you are actually sending your details through a super-secure third-party server. What this means is that Win Your dream Wedding never sees, stores or shares your financial data.